Mark Matthews “On The Lips of Children” Review

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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Publisher: Books of the Dead Press

Length: 150 Pages

Submitted by the author for review

On The Lips of Children is the latest horror novel from author Mark Matthews and focuses on Macon, his girlfriend Erin and their daughter Lyric as they venture to San Diego for a marathon. Macon plans to use the trip to show Erin that he can provide for them and plans on using the family getaway to propose. However, during a late night warm-up run to the beach, everything quickly falls apart as the family falls victim to a sinister family that lives in an abandoned drug tunnel. What follows is a struggle for survival that tests the resolve of both Macon and Erin as they try to escape the unspeakable horror that awaits them in the tunnel.

Matthews does an amazing job of building a sense of dread throughout the novel. Right from the beginning he gives you a glimpse of Lupita, the mother of twins Q and T, and her life trapped in the collapsed drug tunnel. She is left alone with her two infant children and a slew of hostages her husband Dante kidnapped to fuel his meth addiction. Afraid that Dante will not return from his attempt to find an exit to the tunnel and with no way to feed her children, she makes a drastic choice that has ramifications throughout the novel. This bleak scene of isolation and violence gives the reader an inkling of the horror that awaits and plants a seed of doubt in your mind every time you meet a new character. The hotel manager in the beginning gives off a creepy vibe and immediately you begin to wonder – is he somehow involved? Matthews uses this strategy to his advantage and the result is a gripping plot with plenty of twists that make for an exciting and heart-pounding read.

Matthews also does an amazing job bringing the characters to life through flashbacks and inner monologues. After seeing the hardships that Macon and Erin have gone through in their lives, I couldn’t help but feel a connection with them and root for them to exact some sort of revenge on their captors for the horrors they were forced to endure.

Normally I tend to gravitate to horror novels that feature a supernatural element, but On The Lips of Children proves that our own capabilities for violence and darkness are every bit as frightening as any supernatural force. This novel was my first introduction to Matthews’ work and I absolutely loved it! I am definitely looking forward to his future books and this is an absolute must-read for any horror fan.

Rating: 4.5/5


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