Joining Hunter Shea’s Blog Tour for “The Montauk Monster”!

Posted: June 20, 2014 in News
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montauk monster

I am super excited to announce that I have been asked to join the blog tour for Hunter Shea’s newest novel, The Montauk Monster! This is my first time participating in a blog tour and I am honored to be joining some other great horror sites and authors on this one. The tour is already under way and I highly recommend checking out the first few posts if you haven’t already. Here is what I had to say about The Montauk Monster in the first installment of “Most Anticipated Summer Reads:

The Montauk Monster is the first thriller novel from horror writer Hunter Shea and after reading the synopsis, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I have always had a huge interest in cryptids and remember being completely baffled by the remains that washed up along  the shores of Montauk back in the summer of 2008. Theories ranged from a turtle without a shell all the way to a failed experiment from a government research facility before being determined by many to be the carcass of a raccoon.

In The Montauk Monster, Shea utilizes the failed genetic experiment angle to craft a story that seems absolutely terrifying. I mean, this book has it all! Creepy monsters? Check. Shadowy, top-secret projects from the government? Check. One thing is for certain after reading the synopsis of this book. Seeing how there is not just one but MANY of these creatures terrorizing the residents of Montauk, I will probably be afraid to ever step foot in the water again, fictitious story or not!

I will be featuring a guest post from Hunter on June 28th and a review on July 18th, so I hope you will swing on by and take part in my stop on the blog tour. A huge thank you to Erin Al-Mehairi of Oh, for the Hook of a Book!, Hunter Shea and Kensington Pinnacle for inviting me along for the ride!

Be sure to check out the main tour page to check out all the dates and for information on a special promo for The Montauk Monster!

  1. hookofabook says:

    So happy your riding the monster train with us!! Thanks for the shout!

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