Erik Hofstatter “Moribund Tales” Review

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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Publisher: Creativia

Length: 50 Pages

Copy provided by author for an honest review

Lately I have really been getting back into reading short stories, so I was pretty excited to check out Erik Hofstatter’s debut short story collection. Moribund Tales features nine short stories that have a Gothic Horror feel to them and explores urban legends, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. I enjoyed most of the stories, but there were two that were my clear-cut  favorites of the collection.

 “Tears of Repentance” – This story is the tale of one man’s revenge after his lover leaves him for another set in a small village that was ravaged by the Black Death. I would hate to spoil what the outcome is of the character’s revenge plot, but it is a dark and tragic story that perfectly fits Hofstatter’s style and is definitely a must-read from this collection.

“Last Straw of Humanity” – This story focuses on a boy whose father keeps a dark secret locked away in the basement. Every night the narrator hears wails coming from the basement and one night decides to defy his father’s threats and grant mercy to whomever is being held prisoner there. Hofstatter builds suspense throughout the  story, leaving the reader guessing at the truth behind this family’s secret until the stunning conclusion.

Moribund Tales is an entertaining read,  but some of the stories suffer from their short length. Stories such as “Soul Reflection” and “On The Edge of The Marsh”, while interesting, ended a little too abruptly and didn’t pack the same punch as some of the other stories. I love Hofstatter’s old-school writing style and these quick blasts of horror are perfect if you are looking for a quick and eerie read.

He recently finished his debut novelette The Pariahs which tells the story of two disfigured siblings who are transported to an isolated stronghold hidden deep within Siberia. I am definitely looking forward to checking this out when it is released and I am eagerly anticipating a full-length novel from Hofstatter.

Rating: 3.5/5


Erik Hofstatter’s Official Website

Creativia Publishing’s Website

Purchase Moribund Tales on Amazon



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