Hunter Shea “Island of the Forbidden” Review

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Length: 288 Pages

Publisher: Samhain Horror

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

When we first reunite with Jessica and Eddie, they are both struggling to cope with the horrors they witnessed in the Leigh household. Jessica dyes her hair, shuts down and cuts herself off from her family while she travels the country losing herself in physical work of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Eddie is a shell of his former self. His powers are nowhere near what they once were and he develops an addiction to alcohol and drugs in order to try to hide from the scores of spirits that appear to him begging for his help. Their partnership is nonexistent after the two having a falling out over how to handle Jessica’s unique gift as an energy source for EB’s.

However, Jessica finally reaches out to Eddie after her aunt Eve tells her Eddie has been leaving desperate messages on her phone. When she finally reaches him, he tells her that someone on the other side has been looking for her, leading to visions of EB’s that make it so he can hardly sleep at night. Just when Jessica is ready to give into her anger and frustration towards Eddie, he stops her cold when he tells her there are kids involved. Kids who have abilities like theirs and are being used as bait.

Jessica and Eddie are led to Ormsby Island, a deserted island in South Carolina after Daphne Harper contacts Jessica and pleads for her to help. She and her husband purchased the island on the cheap with the hopes that Jessica and Eddie could make the home safe for their two children, Jason and Alice. They immediately noticed that the island had some peculiar traits. There is an ominous chill that cloaks the property even in the humid heat of summer and the inside is immaculately preserved despite the exterior’s former splendor being ravaged by the passage of time and the elements.

Almost as soon as they step foot on the island, Eddie and Jessica realize Ormsby Island holds many secrets. There are well over a hundred spirits of deformed children all over the island, proof that gives some credence to the rumors concerning Ormsby Island’s brutal past. Then in the midst of the paranormal happenings on the island, there is the question about the Harpers. They seem like an average couple despite a hint of strangeness, it quickly becomes clear they are hiding something which could threaten everyone on the island. As Eddie and Jessica dig deeper into the mysteries of Ormsby Island, they discover the heartbreaking truth behind the activity in the house.

Island of the Forbidden was a great read and has the same excellent storytelling that made the other books in the series so enjoyable. There are multiple mysteries waiting to be discovered and Island of the Forbidden features the most diverse cast of characters yet. One of my favorites, not counting Eddie or Jessica of course, was Nina D’Arcangela. Nina is a psychic who has powers very similar to Eddie’s, but lacks the experience and control he has mastered. She is kind of like the anti-Eddie in the sense that where Eddie is confident and uses his gifts to help others, she is driven by the need to be appreciated by others and is looking to cash in on her abilities using any means necessary.

I also thought Ormsby Island is the perfect setting for a ghost story. It has a dark history that has made it a legend among the locals in the novel and is completely cut off from the outside world. Imagine that you walk into a reportedly haunted mansion and witness events that are not only unexplainable, but ripped straight from your worst nightmares. Normally, it would be easy to just leave the home, never return and that is the end of that right? But what if it wasn’t that easy? Having the story take place on Ormsby Island not only amplifies the horror because there is simply nowhere to run, it also forces all of the characters to confront the demons lurking in their past.

There are some chilling moments throughout the novel, but one that stands out is when Jessica and Eddie get a glimpse of  Jason and Alice’s powers. Jason tells them about the “Last Kids”, the spirits that Eddie saw when he arrived on the island. When Eddie presses him for more information, Jason gives one simple statement that sent shivers down my spine and further proves that children in horror books/movies are downright creepy! “Yes. There were lots of them on the island. This is where the last ones went to sleep“.

I also loved the further character development of both Jessica Backman and Eddie Home in Island of the Forbidden. Hunter takes these characters to some very dark places and that only adds to the realism of the novel. The events of Sinister Entity placed both Jessica and Eddie through an emotional ringer that tested not just their abilities in solving paranormal cases, but their core values. It would have been easy to have Island of the Forbidden show Jessica and Eddie tackling more cases and kicking EB ass, but Hunter takes a more difficult yet rewarding path. Seriously, if you have not read any of the books in this series, I highly recommend checking them out. Whether you start from the beginning like I did or work your way back from Island of the Forbidden, you are in for some great stories from a truly great storyteller. I know it is early, but I definitely anticipate having Island of the Forbidden in my list of top reads for 2015.

Rating: 5/5


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  1. hookofabook says:

    What another great review for Hunter! Thanks so much Rich for all your reading and writing! I thought the island setting was cool too. I read you like Nina, it seems he named that character after a friend of his who also writes dark fiction. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Erin, it was my pleasure! Thank you again for including me in the tours, I always enjoy them. I thought that name looked familiar! I think I follow her on Twitter if I remember correctly.

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