Glenn Rolfe “Abram’s Bridge” Review

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Reviews, Uncategorized
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Publisher: Samhain Horror

Length: 85 Pages

Release Date: January 6, 2015

There is no better feeling than discovering a fresh new voice and that is what happened when I first found the work of Glenn Rolfe a year ago. Going into Abram’s Bridge, I may have been a bit biased as to what I expected. Rolfe’s debut, The Haunted Halls, was a scary as hell novel filled with supernatural horrors and violence and I expected a bit of that style to seep through the pages of this novella, but I was surprised to find this novella was a bit different.

Make no mistake, Abram’s Bridge has its fair share of violence and evil, but this time around it manifests itself in the flesh and blood characters and relies more on tension and evil lurking in the hearts of its characters than it does on any supernatural entity. While there is plenty of Rolfe’s trademark style evident throughout, Abram’s Bridge is a bit of a departure for Rolfe and finds him blending a much more atmospheric element and beauty into his work that shows his versatility as an author. A touching coming of age story that featured a heartbreaking ending that literally had me screaming “No!” in disbelief as the events surrounding Lil Ron’s investigation into Sweet Kate’s death finally reached their conclusion.

I love all of Glenn’s work, but this is by far his best in my opinion. Definitely an early contender for the year’s best novella and I expect you will see this on a lot of “Best of” lists at the end of 2015.

Rating: 5/5


Glenn Rolfe’s Official Website

Samhain Horror’s Official Website

Purchase Abram’s Bridge: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Samhain or your favorite bookstore!

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