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  1. Hello,

    I discovered your review of Bracken McLeod’s book. I have a new novel that I think may be of interest to you. I am seeking honest reviews, and I am happy to send copies to potential online reviewers. Obviously, you don’t have an obligation to respond, but I’m trying to generate interest in my work before the paperback release this summer.

    My book is called “The Captive Condition” (Pantheon 2015), and it was launched at the San Diego Comic Con International last July. In the book I make many references to gothic horror, but I consider the story a literary social satire.

    Please let me know if you might have interest in reading and reviewing.

    All the best,
    Kevin P. Keating

  2. Cliff Burns says:

    Good to see a site that takes horror/dark fantasy seriously–the genre had fallen into disrepute because many authors confused gore and splatter with the ability to impart a feeling a genuine dread and fear in readers. True horror, I’ve always contended, is a cerebral experience and merely splashing a lot of blood and entrails about just doesn’t compare to that. I see signs that the genre is starting to come out of its doldrums; one sure indication is that many book stores now feature a HORROR section (even if it does tend to be stocked with hacks and reprints).

    Still waiting for an Ira Levin, Roald Dahl or Richard Matheson to announce themselves from among the new crop of horror scribes. Literate writers with a touch of the macabre about them. Authors willing to venture beyond the tired tropes and formulas and present us with daring, original visions to haunt our dreams and supplant the old archetypes and stock characters.

    It’s been a long wait…

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