Review Policy

The Horror Bookshelf mainly focuses on horror fiction but is also open to works in mystery/thriller and sci-fi as well. If you would like to submit a book for review, please send me an email at: I am the only writer for the blog, so let me know if you need an immediate review and I will let you know if I am able to read your work. If you would like a review for a new novel, the best bet is to contact me in advance of the release with a quick synopsis so I can let you know if I am able to review the book and can plan a reviewing schedule. If you do not need an immediate review, feel free to contact me and I will let you know my current workload and a rough estimate of when to expect a review.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!

Rich Duncan, Founder

  1. Hi Rich,

    Writing to ask if you will review my new novel, The World on Fire.

    Here’s the Amazon link that has a brief summary:



  2. Hi

    I was wondering if you’d review my book?

    Many thanks



  3. Neil Ruttenberg says:

    I would love for you to review my new novel NEVER GROW UP. It’s a contemporary take on Peter Pan except in this version he is a serial killer.

    A madman who believes he is Peter Pan kidnaps teenage girls to be his Wendy and kills them on their 18th birthday. Ex-cop and television producer, Robert Hook and a disfigured young woman named Croc are the only ones who can stop Pan from sacrificing his next victim.

    This is what indie reader said about my book.

    “Neil Ruttenberg’s riveting crime novel, NEVER GROW UP, features a disturbed and disturbing serial-killer in a version of ‘Peter Pan’ that is quite relevant to what’s actually befalling way too many young people in society today.”

    Thank you for your time.

    Neil Ruttenberg

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